Saturday, September 15, 2012

Luch 1801.1

Being in Minsk last week I have bought a Luch watch. Nothing special but the price of $33 and nice face design. It has leather band, coated with titanium nitride, and "1801.1" fifteen-jeweled mechanics by Minsk Watch Plant.

Inside is very funny:

This is a plastic form with tiny metal plate. It is used to keep clock face in position because one half of inside space of the watch case is empty. "1801.1" mechanism is such a small so clock designers have to use this trick.

Mechanism by itself. Wise solution - you can use it in any type of watches, even in children's.
Yep, I can say that this is not exactly that I have expected to see =) I thought that so small wheels do not have fine precision. Balance wheel is so tiny that there is no calibrator vent on it. But after week has passed, I realized the watch is still accurate on time. Okay, -20 seconds per week is not the best I have ever seen, but it is good for such cheap watch. So I feel myself happy.

And it has a great ticking sound =)


  1. Число 18 на ремешке обозначает возраст с которого разрешается носить сей механизм на руке?

    1. Если бы так, то стояло бы "18+" =)
      Честно говоря, без понятия, что это означает. Возможно, и впрямь зармер ремешка.

  2. 18 on strap mean 18mm watch strap. It's one of the standards to measure straps compatibility.

    Good watch. Amassing piece of Russian technology. I got this watch new for around 10 euro! I have swiss watches that works worst than this watch. I don't think you realize what -20 seconds per week means. This is amassing for a mechanic watch. Most swiss watches sold all around for 500 euro hardly match this performance. A very expensive Rolex for example have an accuracy of -+14 seconds per week.

    Amassing watch.

    1. Thanks, you are right.
      And due of its cheap cost, I have several of them with different color schemes, so I always have one that is corresponding with my shirt and jacket =)