Monday, June 4, 2012

Religion and historians

What are the similarities of religion believers and historians? Both explain strange things with the same thing: God.
The believer who seeing something strange, thinks: "Oh, God has done this", and calms down. The historian who seeing the valley of Nazca lines, three hundred-ton blocks of granite in Egypt and other megalithic structures, which are even now sometimes impossible to repeat, says: "It's all for religious ceremonies."

Perfectly smooth stones within the 5 km long flat line? This is a religious procession was walked! The huge 10 meters height chamber in the pyramid, composed of ledges of solid granite slabs? It is all for the soul of the pharaoh, that will fly away after the religious ceremony! And so on.
A quote from National Geographic: "And why this platforms, that we have seen from an airplane, for? They obviously served as altars." It is amazing. OBVIOUSLY! And they explain everything in such way.
I think that there is a fucking historian conspiracy against humanity.

Update: And even more. Believers often see faces of God (even if someone peed on a wall), and historians also see genitals in everything. Without offense, but I just told facts.

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